Coaching can make all the difference between passing & failing

Customization - Flexibility - Focus - Feedback


Coaching can make all the difference between passing and failing

How is Coaching DIFFERENT from other prep courses and materials?

Exam Prep Courses:

Prepare you for the CONTENT of the test

Focus on generalized strategies for specific exams


Prepares you for the PROCESS of studying and taking the test(s)

Is INDIVIDUALIZED for your specific needs

Provides ACCOUNTABILITY and builds momentum

Focuses on creating BALANCE while effectively dealing with stress and anxiety

Helps you to MAXIMIZE your potential

Is Test Coaching right for me?

Our Philosophy

“We don’t believe it is possible to entirely eliminate anxiety. Rather, our focus is on identifying the negative thoughts and messages that people so often give themselves, and replacing them with strategies to manage the anxiety when it surfaces. Practicing those strategies can make all the difference during the exam preparation process, as well as the exam itself.”

The Good News about Test Anxiety: It is stated in many studies that a certain degree of test anxiety is good: it will sharpen your senses and make you more alert during a test. In fact, those people who do not have any anxiety tend to do worse. The problem is, having too much anxiety or worrying too much can harm your test score. As your anxiety rises, your memory may start to fail, causing you to forget all the things you learned.


Jody Tompkins, M.A., MFT has over 20 years’ experience in the field of coaching.

No matter where you are on your path in preparing for an exam her methods will help you move through this rigorous process.

Those who have worked with Jody say:

  • “Jody helped me develop clarity and confidence.”
  • “Learning to identify and change my negative self-talk has made a huge difference.”
  • “Setting goals has been incredibly helpful. I’m no longer overwhelmed.”
  • “Jody’s experience as a supervisor and therapist is completely integrated into who she is, and it shines through in her coaching.”
  • “She’s very aware of what we’re going through. I so appreciate her guidance and support.”
  • “I’m forever grateful. I highly recommend Jody.”
  • “I passed!!

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